Horse Totem FAQ

1. These little guys are ADORABLE!! I must have one! Please, how much?
At this moment in time, I have the little horses starting at $95 + shipping.

Contact me if you would like a different design or none at all.

This includes matching your horse's color.

2. How big are these little ponies? Do I need to clear off the whole shelf to show off my little pony?
These ponies are a little 4" tall by 4" long BEFORE adding the hair.
They a little over half an inch wide, with a foot spread of about an inch.  Perfect to put anywhere, beside your computer, on your shelf, by your favorite photo of your special girl or gal. (Horse or human or pet or pet rock.  We don't judge)

3. Okay, enough small talk.  What kind of hair do you need? Tail hair, mane hair, hair of the dog?
DEFINITELY mane or tail hair....still working out dog logistics...
This design is very versatile.  I can use either or both mane and tail hair.
I've also been known to use some donkey and cow hair in previous designs, but I really need to see what I'm working with before I can commit to whether I will be able to use it. Please contact me at to find out.  I'll need photos, preferably beside a ruler to get a good idea of how much hair you have.

4. Speaking of how much much hair DO you need?  

Do I need to shave my horse's whole neck? Let's rock that Trojan cut!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nelly!! Hold on....before we go full Edward scissor below.


If you intend to use MANE HAIR....
It will depend greatly on what kind of condition the hair is, how thick or thin, split ends, etc.  I will need AT LEAST a big thumb's width of hair to finish an entire horse.  More is always better, and I treat each horse's hair with care and try to only use what I need.  Any hair that I don't use will come back to you, cleaned and neatly bound unless you specify otherwise.

If you are cutting the braids from your special friend before you say goodbye, then please cut at least 2 to 3 good sized braids. Again, more is always better and I will send back any hair I don't use, clean and neatly bound.

If you intend to use TAIL HAIR...
This is really going to depend on what kind of look you want to go with.  
Long and sweeping, like little red headed Romeo, is going to need at least half an inch thick to 3/4" pony tail.
Again, the more you have to work with, the more options will be available.
If you have both tail and mane hair, I can work with both.  I'll work with you to create a specil, unique little horse totem for your special horse.

5. What about color? My horse is a roan, and I don't see any similar colors on your website....yet.
Yet, being the operative word. I just so happen to be one of those artsy kind of gals that has a thing for color.  If you've seen some of my other work, you may have noticed the unique colors I come up with to put on leather.  I'm constantly experimenting with new colors and new ways to make them. 
When you contact me, be sure to have a photo to send me.  I will do what I can to match the color as closely as possible.
I can pretty much dye bay, sorrel, palomino, dun, chestnut, black and any brown or yellow based color for sure.  

I have a version of blue roan that I'm currently working on and I'm still working out how to make several other colors as well as white markings and paint horses.  As soon as I'm caught up on orders, I'll be working with some new dyes I bought to experiment with making white markings on the leather horses.

6. What about a horse of a different color?  I want my little totem to be blue and pink!
Yes, I can do that. Ask me for samples of previous work.  I'll be happy to show you what I've done.


7. What if I didn't get a lot of hair before my horse passed?

Things happen and sometimes, they happen so fast, you can't think.  Don't kick yourself.  I will work with you to make something special.  That's what I'm here for, and you can be darned certain, I will do what I can to figure out a way to make you something special, if it's possible.

I am happy to mix hair from one of your own horses or a friend's horse, or any horse you wish.

If you would prefer the hair to match, well, I keep a collection of hair on hand for just such reasons.  Often times, I can match the hair pretty closely.

Contact me at and I'll work one on one with you to come up with something that will work for you


8. Should I wash the hair?

No, you don't have to worry about that at all.  I handle washing and prepping the hair.


9. How do you prefer to get the hair?
If at all possible, I prefer to get the hair neatly bound at the end where it was cut with a tight rubber band. 

Here is a video I made, showing just how I prefer to get the hair and how to cut it for your leather horse totem.  Keep in mind, I made this video a few years ago for HORSE HAIR JEWELRY.  You'll need a bit more for your figure.  Although, if you're lucky to have a horse with a long tail like the one in the video, that should be enough too.

Once you contact me about what you want, I'll send you my address to mail the hair.  I do my best to contact you as soon as it arrives, but sometimes I get backed up between my full time job and working on horse hair and leather creations. 

10. Um....*sheepish grin* my hair.....well, it's kind of a tangled there still hope?

I understand that things happen, but if you send me a giant wad of hair, requiring hours, and they do typically take me hours to untangle and put together in a usable bundle, there will be a $25 additional charge.  Like I mentioned before.  I understand that things happen, but the hours it takes me to prep puts me behind and because I also work full time, can put me behind by a day or more.  I pull each hair one by one and match end to end to end.  Quite meticulous work.


11. Can I send you the whole tail? Will I get the rest back?

Yes, not a problem.  You can definitely send the whole tail.  I will only use what I need and I try to use only what I need.  The rest will be sent back to you, cleaned and neatly bound.